Monroe Public Access Cable Television, Inc.(MPACT) is a non-profit organization created by The City Of Monroe, The Monroe County Library System, The Monroe County Intermediate School District, Monroe County Community College, and Monroe Public Schools to provide PEG access.

Currently there is one channel that is cablecast simultaneously over Comcast channel 21/916 and Charter Communications channel 187.

MPACT operates under agreements with the City of Monroe and Monroe Charter Township.

PEG access stands for Public, Education, and Government access. PEG access centers exist because of a federal mandate that allows citizens to request that their local governments provide a PEG access center. These centers are funded by local governments through fees paid by local cable providers for use of the public rights-of-way. A franchise agreement is negotiated that includes capital costs for the center, as well as a percentage of franchise fees paid to the local government to cover operating costs of the center. All local governments collect franchise fees, but many do not use the money to provide PEG access for their residents.

MPACT maintains a Community Bulletin Board. This is a free information service for non-profit organizations and educational and public institutions that publicizes community events over PEG access channel(s).

The information may be provided on one of our grid sheets which are available at the office. Information must be non-commercial (no advertisements). Completed grid sheets, flyers or Power Point slides can be mailed, e-mailed, dropped off, or faxed.

MPACT also provides professional production facilities for studio members who have completed training and who wish to produce their own programs for non-commercial purposes. Locally produced programming is offered each week. Training is available for residents of Monroe Charter Township and The City of Monroe who wish to become involved in production work.*

*For information on membership, classes in access television production, services and fees, please call the MPACT Studio during business hours.

All Monroe Public Access Channels are owned and operated by MPACT, an independent non-profit corporation and not an agent or affiliate of the cable company or any franchising authority. Cable companies and franchising Authorities are prohibited by law from controlling the content or programs on public access channels.

Local franchising authorities and cable companies are not responsible for public access programming and are not liable for any material Cablecast on public access channels.

Only information of a non-profit nature will be accepted for this channel. No information will be taken over the phone! Mail, fax, email or drop off information at least two weeks in advance of the event. A grid sheet guide is available but not required. We program once a week on Fridays.

For Comcast Customer Service Call 1-888-COMCAST

For Charter Customer Service Call 1-877-728-3121